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But since in the new moon the moon is not visible, this part of the event goes unnoticed. People pay attention to the fact that the moon is much larger, brighter, and often has an ominous reddish tint, namely, on the Super Moon at full moon.

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The origin of the Superlunium is due to the fact that the moon's orbit is elliptical. The moon revolves around the earth in an ellipse, and at different times its distance to the earth is different.

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The nearest point in the movement of the moon is from us only in , kilometers this is the perigee of the orbit. And at the furthest point apogee , the moon is about , kilometers from the earth. City New York. The Superunion is an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the full moon or new moon coincides with the perigee - the moment of the closest approach of the Moon and the Earth.

This is due to the elliptical orbit along which the moon revolves around our planet. Due to this phenomenon from the Earth you can see the larger size of the lunar disk than usual.

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The moon acts on the emotional sphere, so in the period of the super moon one should expect strong reactions to irritants, worsening of mood, increased aggressiveness, intolerance, a tendency to conflict, irritability, quick temper. They do see the glass […]. Oooof…this is an intense one.

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By macdragon on December 19, in Uncategorized. By macdragon on November 21, in Uncategorized. By macdragon on November 13, in Uncategorized. If you step outside and look at the moon on Tuesday night and expect to see something special, you'll likely be disappointed.

At least last month's so-called supermoon was accompanied by a total lunar eclipse. Still, tons of images are posted to the internet in advance of a supermoon, depicting exceedingly large, full moons from images taken with telephoto lenses, implying that the moon is going to look amazingly large in the sky.

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At its closest on Tuesday, the moon will be , miles , km from Earth. But that's only 7. So, while Tuesday's moon will indeed be the "biggest" in apparent size, unless you catch the moon when it's either rising or setting — and appearing briefly larger than normal because of the famous "moon illusion" — Tuesday's full moon will look pretty much like any other full moon.

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Full moon on Tuesday will occur at a. EST GMT — during the daytime, with the moon below the horizon — so Americans will not get to see the exact moment that the moon is full. When the moon comes above your local horizon on Tuesday evening, technically you'll be looking not at a "full" moon, but a waning gibbous moon. Though a full moon theoretically lasts just a moment, that moment is imperceptible to ordinary observation.

And so, for a day or so before and after the moment of full moon, most will speak of the nearly full moon as being "full. Then, there is the issue of the moon's brightness. Some think that they will see an exceptionally dazzling full moon come Tuesday night. Back in , a friend of mine told me that she was expecting year's version of the supermoon"to look "radically brighter Some websites, including Spaceweather.

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But that comes out to a minuscule increase of less than three-tenths of a magnitude ; the moonlight on Tuesday night will not be exceptionally bright.